Welcome to Peru

Lima, capital city of the Republic of Peru is very proud to be the venue for the 25th Annual Conference of the IAPTC, a metropolis that still retains its architecture today is regarded as the political, cultural, financial and commercial centre from the country. Lima is located in central western coast, facing the Pacific Ocean

Conference Place

The 25th Conference of the IAPTC 2019 will be held at the Convention Center Hotel Westin, from 7 to 10 October this year.

The main theme of the conference will be:
“Preparing for Effective Peacekeeping Operations Renewing the Commitment and Strengthening Partnerships”.

Annual Conference will be attended by military, police and civilian officials in the field of training, education and learning in peacekeeping operations, from 60 countries and 100 organizations from five continents, dedicated to training and instructing in peacekeeping operations globally.

Over view conference


Promote the recently launched UN Police Training Architecture Programme, among other issues.

First day

Opening of the 25th Annual Conference by the President of IAPTC 2019, accompanied by the Executive Committee.

Second day

Conferences on training in Peace Operations, by guest speakers. Afterwards a cultural tour, which will connect them with our Peruvian customs and traditions.

Third day

The dynamics of the conference will be performed with working groups with the Chiefs of Peace Operations Centers.

Fourth day

Give of the charge for IAPTC Presidency 2019 -2020.
Finally, the host of the IAPTC 2019 Annual Conference will hold the Closing.

XI Latin American Peacekeeping Operation Training Centers Assembly

Peru on video

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